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Fort Wayne Car Dealerships

fort wayne car dealership

Whether you are looking for a stunning new car, a certified pre-owned vehicle that runs like new, or a dealership with easy financing and lease options, fort wayne car dealership offer it all. You can complete all, or part of, your purchase online before you ever step into our showrooms. Calculate payments, estimate trade-in values, apply for credit, and more, all with our online shopping tools.

Our fort wayne car dealership has 2 sales locations as well as state-of-the-art service centers where you can keep your Ford F150, Escape, or Expedition running just like the day you drove it off our lot. Our technicians are experts who know your Ford inside and out, and use only genuine Ford parts when making repairs. This helps to ensure your Ford continues to run like-new for a long time to come.

Roadmap to Success: Finding Your Perfect Ride in Fort Wayne’s Car Dealerships

The Leonard family has been serving the Fort Wayne area since 1989, and their son Jake is now working alongside his father to maintain the high standard that the dealership was founded on. They pride themselves on treating every customer like family, before, during, and after the sale. One of their mottos is: “Anyone can sell you a car, but we want to sell you cars for life.”

When you’re ready to see how our fort wayne car dealership compares to the competition, head on over to visit us today. We look forward to welcoming you into our showroom and getting you behind the wheel of your next vehicle.

Frozen Seafood Is a Game-Changer For Weeknight Seafood Recipes

Frozen Seafood is a game-changer for weeknight seafood recipes. When frozen seafood is properly handled and thawed, it has all the same deliciousness as fresh fish. And it’s much more affordable and less sensitive to seasonality, making it a smart choice for restaurants and home cooks.

Flash-freezing seafood shortly after harvest locks in quality and nutrition. It is like pressing a pause button on seafood, stopping any rapid nutrient decline or the growth of dangerous bacteria. This process is a necessity on all commercial vessels and in many sushi restaurants, from take-out stalls to Michelin-starred establishments, for optimal taste, safety and consistency.

When choosing frozen seafood, look for high-quality options with no freezer burn or ice crystals on the packaging and the fillets inside should appear uniform in color. Avoid packages that have cracks, torn edges or leaking.

From Freezer to Feast: Creative Culinary Adventures with Frozen Seafood

Using frozen seafood can be less expensive and reduce food waste. Because it can be stored longer than fresh seafood, you can buy more than you need at once and avoid throwing away unused portions, which contributes to a variety of environmental problems.

Additionally, using frozen seafood can be a safer alternative to raw oysters and sushi. Because oysters and sushi are usually eaten uncooked, they are susceptible to bacterial contamination that can cause food poisoning. Buying frozen seafood eliminates the risk of these harmful bacteria by killing them in a quick and efficient process right after harvest. Ultimately, frozen seafood offers the same nutritional benefits as its fresh counterpart and it is just as safe to consume.