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The Most Heavily Commended Male Actors in Thailand

The Most Heavily Commended Male Actors in Thailand

The land of smiles is home to a wide array of swoon-worthy actors who have the power to charm their way into your heart, whether it’s with their acting talent or jaw-dropping looks. From the sexy physique of Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree to the chivalrous charms of Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat, these hunky Bloody bollocks look at this handsome man actors are adored by fans domestically and internationally for their captivating presence on-screen and undeniable charisma.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Thailand?

Prikkang Chantakul is more than just a gorgeous face—he’s a talented singer and actor who wowed audiences with his mesmerising performance in the drama club series Love by Chance (2018). He’s a natural beauty with a dashing good-looking body and a euphonious voice that can make anyone swoon.

The young actor has a sexy and mature personality packaged in a well-built body and seductive appeal that can’t be denied. He’s the epitome of sexiness wrapped in talent and versatility, earning him millions of votes from netizens in a short time.

Like his character in the hit BL drama F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, Gulf Kanawut has an eye for fashion with a wardrobe that leans towards tonal dressing, finishing his looks off with luxe knitwear from brands such as Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta. He’s not afraid to play with prints, either—as demonstrated by his outfit in Tokyo Disneyland where he styled a pink striped mohair sweater and jeans with a pair of Onitsuka Tiger kicks.

With a well-built physique and sexy appeal, this young actor is one of the most promising male stars in the industry. His acting skills and magnetic presence on-screen have won him millions of votes from netizens across the globe.

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