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Snus – A Smokeless Oral Tobacco Product

Snus – A Smokeless Oral Tobacco Product


Heysnus is a smokeless oral tobacco product made from finely ground tobacco and sold in pre-packaged pouches. Unlike smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco, which are fire-cured, snus is steam-pasteurized to reduce levels of tobacco-specific chemicals, called nitrosamines, that are known to cause cancer.

The use of snus is associated with reduced risk for certain health conditions, such as lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and pneumonia), cardiovascular disease and pancreatic cancer, and reduced likelihood of oropharyngeal, oesophageal and oral cancer. Furthermore, snus is associated with lower levels of harmful chemicals such as lead and aflatoxins than cigarette smoke.

Snus and Oral Health: Separating Fact from Fiction

Although snus can be used on its own, it is often combined with smoked tobacco, a practice known as dual use. Studies indicate that dual users consume fewer cigarettes than non-users and report a lower number of smoking-related health problems. However, the gateway hypothesis posits that snus may lead to future smoking and thus increase the risk for tobacco-related diseases.

Sweden has the lowest rates of tobacco-related disease in Europe, partly due to the high rate of snus use. A recent study suggests that snus may also be effective for long-term smoking cessation.

In addition, snus is a great way to get nicotine in a safe and convenient manner. Snus is available in many varieties and is easy to find and order online. At Snusdaddy, we guarantee fast delivery and free shipping on all orders! We have a wide variety of snus brands, from the very popular Swedish Match to smaller niche brands.

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