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Patriotic Flags Collection

Patriotic Flags Collection

Patriotic Flags Collection

The Patriotic Flags Collection is a powerful symbol of patriotism and a symbol of our shared values and heritage. Unfortunately, many Americans who claim to be true patriots are not living up to the ideals the flag represents. During the fascistic previous administration, it was all too common to see the American flag used as a cudgel against those deemed other and/or as a scythe to cleave division. However, there are some who are honoring the flag and its history, and our country’s enduring values.

One such example is the National Museum of American History’s long-term preservation of the flag that survived a 25-hour British bombardment over Fort McHenry in Baltimore and inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star Spangled Banner.” The enormous 1814 garrison flag, now in a protective case and stored at a constant 10-degree angle under low oxygen and filtered light conditions, has been meticulously cared for since its return to the museum in 1999.

Celebrate Freedom: Patriotic Flags Collection

A less arduous, but no less important, way to honor the American flag is to retire it when no longer in service properly. Earlier this year, the City of Fredericksburg became the first Virginia locality to participate in the national “Retire Your Old Glory” program. Two city departments, Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Special Events, now accept clean, reusable American flags for proper retirement at the local level.

A number of county recycling centers and parks are also participating in the effort. Residents may drop off their old American flags in specially designed receptacles. Once the flags have been collected, they will be retired in a special ceremony at the county Veteran’s Park.

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