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Magic Mushrooms Dispensary Canada Opens in Kitchener

Magic Mushrooms Dispensary Canada Opens in Kitchener

A new illegal magic mushrooms dispensary Canada has opened in Kitchener, offering people a way to buy hallucinogens without the hassle of bureaucratic hurdles. The store, called FunGuyz, sells mushrooms containing the naturally-occurring psychedelic drug psilocybin. It’s a restricted substance in Canada and requires Health Canada approval for those with a medical exemption, but many don’t want to deal with the red tape.

The new dispensary is located in a converted church and features a minimalist setup with magic mushroom art on the wall and books on the subject. Customers are required to show ID to prove they’re over 19 years old and there’s a limit on how much a person can purchase. FunGuyz also offers a few other products including edibles and a tea brewed with sage and chamomile.

From Counterculture to Mainstream: The Evolution of Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada

But the real draw is the psilocybin itself. The hallucinogenic drug has been linked to mental and physical wellbeing. It can reduce anxiety, depression and PTSD in some people. It’s been used by people with terminal illnesses and by people seeking spiritual growth. However, there’s still limited clinical evidence for the benefits of psilocybin and it remains illegal to produce, possess or sell.

Despite the lack of evidence, many people still seek out psilocybin. And they’re not happy with the government’s response to that need. In a similar vein to what happened with cannabis, psilocybin stores are popping up across the country openly defying the law. CBC K-W’s Aastha Shetty reports.

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