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How to Find Good Violin Cases for Travel

How to Find Good Violin Cases for Travel


If you’re a professional musician who travels often, you need to find a good violin string repair that will offer maximum protection. You’ll want one that will keep your instrument safe in the event of a bump or drop, as well as provide excellent insulation and humidity control.

You also want to consider how often you will use the violin case, as that will determine how much weight it can handle. You may also want to consider whether you need a large or small violin case. Smaller cases can be easier to carry, but they may not have as many pockets and compartments. Larger ones, on the other hand, can offer more space for accessories like bow holders and a shoulder rest as well as sheet music.

Finding Your Sound: The Role of Strings and Cases in Violin Performance

Lastly, you should consider what type of material you would like the violin case to be made from. Wooden cases are a classic and sturdy option that offers solid protection and humidity control. They also tend to be more affordable than high-end composite cases.

Another popular choice is a violin case with a polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate is strong, lightweight, and has great temperature-resistance. It’s similar to the material used in shatterproof glass and is a good alternative to carbon fiber cases. It’s a great choice for beginners and intermediate violinists as it offers a balance between protection, affordability, and functionality.

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