Best Combo Coffee Makers 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Getting Started

The US has always been one of the world’s top coffee-consuming countries. The coffee machines are must-have appliances in every home. Here is the guide to the best combo coffee makers on the market.

There are many coffee sorts, such as espresso, cold brew, or macchiato with fresh aromas and various grinding degrees. A coffeemaker is also an essential tool for preparing hot chocolate or hot water for herbal or chamomile tea.

The fields of that machines and accessories vary day by day. But which product to choose? Keep reading my reviews to find out more.

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Best Combo Coffee Makers – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio4.9

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Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System4.8

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Keurig K-Duo Plus4.8

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DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso4.7

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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker4.6

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Top 8 Best Combo Coffee Makers

#1 – Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio: Best Overall

The Latest Price

Hamilton Beach 49976 model is a compact and colorful combined espresso machine. It is space-efficient and pleasant to put on any kitchen counter.

After a light touch with ease and 25 seconds, the water will reach the ideal temperature to prepare up to 4 cups of coffee. The tank is quite large and can hold 0.18 gallons of water.

The coffee machine has a slim and space-saving design, suitable for portability, and easy to store in any house corner. It has a convenient water level indicator, enabling you always to have the coffee machine’s status under control.

The brewed coffee quantity indicator is also convenient, including 2, 3, or 4 cups. It is also available with a permanent filter that can be conveniently removed and washed, thanks to the specialized oscillating filter holder.

The base is also useful for keeping freshly brewed coffee hot with a comfortable pilot light that facilitates the use of the machine.

The machine is one of the best combo coffee makers. Its retro design and the coffee flavor are undoubtedly unique. Besides, choosing the 49976 model gives a helping hand to the environment due to its compatible ecological pods.


  • Quick heating
  • Energy saving
  • Large water tank capacity of 0.18 gallon


  • Vibrant sound

#2 – Ninja CP301 Auto-iQ: Best for Limited Space

The Latest Price

The Ninja CP301 machine is small enough to fit any place you want. You can prepare a coffee in complete tranquility from anywhere. With this machine, your home will be filled with all the goodness of authentic Italian espresso.

It is also easy to use with a single back-lit Stop & Go button. The cup rest grid, totally in ABS, is removable. With a cheerful and colorful design, it adapts to any home or office aesthetics.

There are 2 alternatives to classic espresso and long coffee. Another plus point is the transparent water tank, allowing effortless water check-up (if needed), easy removal, refilling.

The combo coffee machine by Ninja is a compact appliance that minimizes clutter and offers straightforward operation. It has a small capsule compartment that is very easy to clean.

This machine can detect when the water tank is empty so that you can conveniently supply more water. It heats to the desired temperature in just 25 seconds to reduce the waiting time. Lastly, there are convenient one-touch buttons to program your espresso.


  • Heats in 25 seconds
  • Excellent tank capacity
  • Compact dimensions
  • Automatically ejects the capsule


  • Cannot make strong coffee

#3 – Keurig K-Duo Plus: Best for On The Go Coffee

The Latest Price

Which product combines the Italian tradition of espresso coffee with ease of use? It is the Keurig K-Duo Plus. It comes with a stainless steel boiler for a long lifespan and 15-bar pressure.

The model is programmed with the Cappuccino System with a steam change knob for creamy cappuccinos. You can use it with both ground coffee and ESE system pods.

Thanks to a single knob, all functions are easy to access by switching on and requesting an espresso or cappuccino. 

The machine will switch off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy. This feature will come in handy, especially for coffee lovers who need to rush out of the door as quickly as possible in the morning.

Keurig Machine is a compact coffee machine. For its usability, it is silent and gives you the taste of waiting for your coffee.

All components are removable and dishwasher safe. Not to mention a portable jug that ensures you always have warm, fresh coffee on the go.


  • Extremely silent
  • Small footprint
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Auto-off function
  • Portable coffee jug included


  • Expensive

#4 – DeLonghi BCO430 Combination: Best for Fresh Coffee Beans

The Latest Price

Do you want espresso directly from freshly ground beans? For people who love this solution, the DeLonghi BCO430 machine is the right product. The highlight is its grinders that are 100% ceramic, resistant, and extremely precise. 

It can give over 20,000 cups of coffee with an exceptional aroma during its lifespan. The built-in coffee grinder has 12 settings for a fuller or lighter taste, depending on your preferences.

The BC0430 model has an intuitive touch display, allowing you to select your favorite coffee. The machine is also easy to clean and maintain. 

Its automatic program alerts you when you need to remove the limescale. The brew group is also completely removable and allows complete cleaning under running water. Its components are dishwasher safe – another plus point.

Overall, BC0430 is a fantastic espresso combination model. It prepares both exceptional espresso and aromatic and tasty cappuccinos.

We highly recommend this integrated cappuccino maker if you want to indulge yourself in the process of making your best drink. What a relaxing and therapeutic way to start your day!


  • Compact and reliable
  • 2 functions for coffee flavors
  • Powerful grinder
  • Productive performance


  • Hard to use

#5 – Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal: Best for Versatility

The Latest Price

You will find the ideal combination of technology and design in the Cuisinart coffeemaker. With a cheerful design but professional performance, this product is easy to place in any home kitchen and office communal space.

The machine may surprise you with its extraordinary versatility to process coffee beans and all kinds of teas.

In a few seconds, the automatic machine that works with the capsules allows you to have 30 different drink creations, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate, tea, and cold beverages.

However, it still fulfills its job as a coffeemaker; the Cuisinart product is an excellent digital coffee combination machine for espresso and cappuccino. In some ways, it could be too bulky if you have limited space.

Its strength is the digital force and aroma technology to prepare a cup of caffeinated drink with royal cream and unique aroma.


  • Digital operation
  • Steel boiler
  • Extraordinary versatility


  • Bulky

#6 – Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Brewer: Best for Office Uses

The Latest Price

Hamilton Beach 49980A coffeemaker takes up little space as it is compact, light, and has an ergonomic design. The machine adapts perfectly to any decor and is available in a full range of colors to suit all tastes.

With this machine, it is possible to prepare coffee practically without waiting for heating times. A simple touch and 25 seconds are enough for the water to reach the ideal temperature.

You can prepare up to 9 coffees without having to fill the 23.7-ounces tank. The programmable Espresso and Lungo buttons also allow you to adjust the brewing volume according to the cup size.

There is a wide choice of capsules for an infinite number of different flavors and blends. It is more than a simple combined home espresso machine. The unit is suitable for the office since its dimensions are not too limited. 

It can dispense several types of coffee simultaneously in small cups, medium cups, and large cups. You can use it through a panel with buttons that show the kind of drink you want.

Overall, the price is not low, but it can prepare coffee, cappuccino, and hot drinks just like at a professional shop. It is why the Hamilton Beach coffee machine is useful in offices or homes where daily the coffee-consumption is high.


  • Notifies when water tank is empty
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low heating time
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Not available overseas
  • Expensive

#7 – Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable: Best for Espresso Lovers‘

The Latest Price

Do you want to relive the traditional barista ritual at home and feel like the protagonist of your espresso? In this case, my advice is the Cuisinart CHW-12P1 machine.

It is not the classic automatic machine that does everything autonomously with the push of a button. A great espresso will take some practice, but the result will be worth it in the end.

The user interface is immediate, simple, and intuitive, even for senior users. You can operate the machine with paper pods and ground coffee.

Thanks to the perfect cream pressurized filter holder’s patented technology, it is always possible to get an excellent espresso with a real natural cream, regardless of your experience level.

The Cuisinart machine is an automatic coffee maker with the ability to prepare 2 drinks simultaneously. We strongly recommend this product for fresh espresso bean lovers because it comes with ceramic grinders.

It makes coffee grinding genuinely exceptional because the beans do not overheat and are ground evenly. The machine is elegant to look at, space-saving, and comfortable to use. Denote that you can wash its components in the dishwasher.


  • Descales automatically
  • Ceramic grinders
  • Creates exceptional coffee flavors
  • Simple to operate


  • Low heat level

#8 – Hamilton Beach 49950C FlexBrew– Best for Premium Components

The Latest Price

From the coffee industry’s inventors to experts in espresso machines, they can approve the long history of Hamilton Beach on the market with an excellent quality-price ratio.

The Hamilton Beach 49950C model’s strongest point is its super compact shape. It is less than 10.6 inches deep and can adapt to all kitchens.

You will experience extreme ease of use when preparing the coffee with a single-button operation. The finishes are also impressive, while the matt embossed texture gives a refined and modern touch.

The convenient removable drawer makes the insertion of the capsule easy. Besides, the heating time is rapid, 35 seconds to prepare a tasty espresso.

The new espresso machine from Hamilton Beach is a perfect mix of design and practicality. It is available in many colors that stimulate the pleasure of the eyes.

A unit is a pod machine with boiling water and steam options, ideal for both home and office. The simplicity and quality of its components make it a super reliable machine.

Many current users appreciate that the machine is quiet, practical, and not prone to get dirty or stained. Another strong point is that it can make an excellent coffee with any type of pod.

In case of some pieces’ breakages, you can quickly fix them with the various available spare parts.


  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Compact shape
  • Simplicity and high quality


  • Expensive

What to consider for the Best Combo Coffee Makers?

Coffee options

For an outstanding cup of coffee, the beans must be ground instantly and not heated during the grinding process. Hearing the bean’s noise being ground and letting that aroma enter the nostrils is the prelude to the delicious coffee bean.

To maintain this indispensable coffee characteristic for those who love coffee, you must equip the ideal espresso machine with an internal grinder to allow instant grinding. It is my real advice. 

Only in this way you can enjoy an excellent espresso, always fresh and with an intense aroma. The combo coffee makers that allow that beans use are automatic, practical, and easy to use.

They also include the use of pre-ground coffee. However, remember that there is a considerable economic saving in purchasing coffee beans rather than pre-ground coffee.

Brewing size

Widespread in many countries worldwide, the combo coffee makers are available in a large variety of versions. The most classic product, usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, comprises 3 pieces.

The base of a truncated cone shape is a container intended to reserve water. In the narrowest part, insert the filter where the ground coffee blend locates.

The third section comprises the upper part is an inverted truncated cone fitted with a lid and a long and thin internal stem. Inside it, the coffee rises slowly and then comes out.

A rubber gasket placed at the point of union between the 3 parts prevents the coffee and water from pouring out during preparation.


The coffee maker is the most common tool for domestic preparation of the drink most appreciated worldwide. They are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the number of cups.

It guarantees a coffee with a decidedly unique taste compared to that produced by pod machines.

It comes with high-quality materials to ensure safe use and get a fragrant and full-bodied coffee. The coffee maker can be made entirely of metal or combine parts in original materials.

Glass vs. thermal carafe

An excellent thermal carafe not only allows the user to pour an infinite amount of liquids and mashers into it but can also store ice inside.

Perhaps you can even store sweetened beverages or drop honey to dissolve in a hot herbal tea and so on.

It means that depending on your needs and habits, consider the mouth of the carafe. However, under the household equipment market development, many manufacturers apply different materials to the carafe.

A carafe on top of the range will always comprise steel. This material is very resistant, capable of maintaining temperatures for a long time, and easy to wash.

Steel has the great advantage of not retaining smells and flavors; a quick rinse will do the job. The odors from the previous content, such as fragrant tea or intensely flavored coffee, won’t linger.


There are many machine manufacturers.. Each brand differs from the other regarding design, features, functionality, and price.  In my opinion, Delonghi always has the best models of combo coffeemakers.

Delonghi brand was established in 1902 in Italy, with a closed and rigorous production process and rigid quality control to create the best product lines.

The design of this brand is compact, elegant, and in color suitable for most kitchen areas. Delonghi’s coffee machine is one of the most fashionable equipment. 

Delonghi has a drop-holding mode that ensures the coffee temperature.  Delonghi can combine the coffee making and grind functions with a strong blade, high grinding efficiency, and time-saving processes; unfortunately at a higher price.

Delonghi’s one competitive factor compared to other lines is that there are many coffeemaker products at different price segments for users to choose from. 

Other functions include foaming milk, automatically regulating water volume, and automatically aligning coffee quantity for the best quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination, coffee maker?

Combination machines offer coffee lovers the utmost versatility, be it filter, pods, or types like espresso, macchiato, or simple, classic black coffee. 

You can either brew an entire pot of coffee or prepare a maximum of 2 cups of espresso or pod coffee with this useful appliance.

The settings can easily be changed at the push of a button to create caffeinated beverages that meet individual needs and preferences. The best coffee machines must have a modern and attractive design and are available in different colors. 

Customers can also choose between models made of plastic or find those machines with chrome parts.

What are the best dual coffee makers?

Keurig K-Duo Plus machine is the best choice if you are looking for easy operation and a fair price. 

The machine is suitable for everyone who wants to prepare coffee and tea simultaneously, thus saving time, energy, even space, and money not spent on separated kitchen appliances!

What is the best coffee maker grinder combo?

Many combi machines also have a grinder to grate the coffee beans shortly before preparation, giving your coffee cup a fresher and fuller aroma.

The grinder has different settings to prepare the beans into very fine to coarse bits. Some models can be infinitely adjusted, while other machines offer 3 or 4 different grinding degrees.

The finer the ground coffee, the shorter the brewing time will be. A fine grind can result in too strong coffee, thus a bitter taste. On the other hand, if the coffee beans are only roughly ground, the result may be rather bland.

The best way to determine the individual strength is through trials and error. It’s not uncommon to brew one cup with each ground coffee texture in the beginning and nitpick your favorite.

What coffee machine does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses 2-in-1 coffee machines compatible with pods and filters. 

The machine has 2 devices or inserts that can each be used for filters or pads. Since the machines have 2-in-1 brewing technology, the coffee quantity can vary from cans to cups.

Coffee machines of this type prepare every coffee just right, offering Starbucks customers consistently quality caffeinated beverages. It does not matter whether it is a whole coffee carafe or just a single cup.

Is Espresso stronger than coffee?

The short answer is yes. 

The crema is a fine layer of foam created during the process of coffee extraction under the espresso machine’s high water pressure.

Because of the small amount of water, an espresso is concentrated and has an intense taste. In an espresso, almost 10% of coffee dissolves in the water. So, it is significantly more viscous than filter coffee.

Is Cuisinart better than Keurig?

Both brands are famous for their electrical and kitchen appliances. They have been on the market for many years and have already sold many products with outstanding successes.

Cuisinart and Keurig all offer high-end machines to fit the specific needs of customers. From our assessments, Keurig machines are a bit better with a precise programming system to provide high-quality coffee.  

Are Keurigs worth it?

Keyrings offer coffee machines at a fair price-performance ratio. The products can provide satisfactory performance for the price.

Which is better: Keurig or Hamilton Beach?

My choice is Hamilton Beach as their design is more modern and convenient for home and office uses.

Should I buy a coffee maker with a grinder?

Combi coffee machines with grinders only prepare the coffee beans shortly before brewing. The setting grinds the exact needed amount of beans.

However, bear in mind that the grinding process is not silent. But the noise levels depend significantly on the model.

What makes the best coffee?

Hamilton Beach 49976 coffee machine is not only used in private households but also office environments. It is more expensive than other coffee machines but offers countless superior functions with ultimate convenience.

If you like to prepare different caffeinated beverages, use this coffee combination machine.

Final Words

Best combo coffee makers are suitable if you like to drink different coffee specialties. Besides classic filter, they also prepare cappuccino or espresso with pods or filters.

We hope the above list of premium-quality combo coffee machines at different prices and from various manufacturers will be a helping hand when you need to pick your own.

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